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Why Choose The Zerona Laser?

At Arbor Lakes Lazer Chiropractic and Wellness and our sister clinic, Non-Surgical Clinic of the Twin Cities, ( our experience has taught us that non-invasive body contouring is as much an art as it is a science. Additionally, we hold to the fact that every body is completely unique. Therefore, while one’s body transformation goals may be somewhat typical at times, how to attain them is certainly not. Our team of highly skilled and trained physicians specialize only in body contouring, and provide the experience, education and focused attention to achieve amazing results.

With over 12,000 Zerona procedures performed to date we are the Twin Cities ONLY independently owned leader in non-invasive sculpting procedures and techniques. This mastery translates into incredible results that we believe set us in a category all to our own, providing unparalleled results for the body you have always been working towards. Our approach is as unique and different as every patient we treat.

We apply functional medicine to each patient's individual protocol. Our approach allows the patients to understand the level of their body's function and most importantly why they have the physical difficulties they do with weight gain and control. From there we establish and individualized course of care, a program, and then apply the treatments. This approach is so unique and different that we are the only clinic in the Twin Cities metro that can say we have mastered the cold laser in this fashion. Not only do our patients see initial results but during their course of care they are educated on how to maintain their results, health, and overall wellness..


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Customized Consultation with Full Body Analysis

 Metabolic Assessment

(12) Zerona Sessions (40-50 minute sessions)

(12)Neuromuscular Re-education Sessions

(12) Oxygen w/ Exercise Therapies

(2) EB Pro Ionic Footbath Treatments

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Non-Invasive Body Contouring

ZERONA® is a new body-sculpting procedure designed to remove fat and contour the body without invasive surgery. ZERONA® unlike other procedures, allows the patient to continue their daily activities without interruptions from surgery, pain, wounds or garments. ZERONA® works by utilizing the Erchonia® Laser Scanner (FDA market cleared for laser assisted liposuction) to emulsify adipose tissue which then releases into the interstitial space. The excess fat is passed through the body during its normal course of detoxification. The ZERONA® procedure was proven through a double-blind, randomized, multi-site, and placebo controlled study in which patients averaged a loss of 3-4 inches compared to the placebo group that lost only a half an inch.

A Successful Zerona Candidate must be willing to make lifestyle changes including but not limited to; diet, exercise, and supplementation.

Lipo-Lasers; Zerona, I-Lipo, Yolo, Yazz etc...all have nearly identical technology. The Zerona is the original and holds patents that other Lipo lasers do not. Beware clinics that merely offer lasers services without the required supportive therapies/supplements. A simple internet search will reveal a "love/hate" relationship with lipo-lasers in general. Why?, it comes down to Where and How the laser therapies were performed. We have a proven track record and get results that other "clinic's" simply do not get. Come in for a complimentary consult and find out what makes us different.

A Simple Explanation of Zerona
The Zerona Laser is an amazing alternative to the cost and risk associated with cosmetic surgery, both financially and physically. Because it offers relatively fast, painless inch-loss, most people's first reaction is 'this is too good to be true.' However, when clients begin to see the outcome in just two weeks, it is difficult for even the strong skeptics to deny the results.

Zerona is fully FDA approved for effective fat removal body contouring, making it the only non-invasive, non-surgical alternative to liposuction surgery! The laser quickly and painlessly liquefies the fat, which is then removed by the body's normal detoxifying process. This allows the client to lose stubborn inches from the abdomen, waist, hips thighs or arms discretely, without losing time to healing and recovery.The United States National Institute of Health administered clinical trials of Zerona and confirmed its effectiveness.
Full FDA approval was granted August 2010. This approval is exclusively for the Erchonia brand Zerona laser, who does not share or allow its patents to be used by other companies. Imitators and cheap knockoffs have of course appeared, however they do not use our patented technology and are not FDA approved. During the treatment, Zerona shines five non-heating low level lasers onto the desired treatment areas. The laser lights are visible, but there is no sensation during or after the treatment. Unlike liposuction surgery, Zeltiq, mesotherapy, or other body-contouring procedures, nothing ever touches or harms the skin. The low level lasers target the fat cells causing them to temporarily open and expel the contents of fat. The emptied fat is moved through the lymphatic system to the liver, where is it processed into the bowel movement.
Fat cells like grapes, are emptied of their contents and turned into raisins; leaving a flatter waist, tummy, etc.
In addition to being a painless process, there are no side effects. No recovery, no bruising, no swelling, and no downtime. You can return immediately to normal activity including exercise following your laser session. And best of all NO SCARS!!!
A More Complicated and Detailed Explanation
The Zerona™ procedure was proven through a double blind, randomized, multi-site and placebo controlled study in which patients averaged a loss of 3.64 inches compared to the placebo group that lost only half an inch.
Below are a series of images taken with a scanning electron microscope during the procedure.
The stunning series of photographs above impressively demonstrate the ability of the Zerona laser to emulsify adipose (fat) tissue. The pictures reveal the collapse of the rigid adipose cell and the secretion of triglycerides and fatty acids. As you can see, the fat cells collapse without being damaged; therefore no scarring or damage is done to the body and no recovery is needed, no side effects are experienced.
The images below reveal the formation of a transitory pore (opening) forming in the bi-lipid membrane of an adipose cell.
This pore formation is the direct result of laser stimulation, and the reason why the triglycerides and fatty acids move into extracellular space. The pore is not damaging to the cell, but simply serves as a means for the fatty contents to evacuate. The formation of the transitory pore the product of a series of secondary reactions originating in the mitochondria.
The following is another example of scientific proof of the Zerona laser's effect on adipocytes. All of the SEM, TEM, MRI and all other research listed on this website was performed using an Erchonia laser. The research presented below was done in the US using an Erchonia laser and shows time released photography of one fat cell and its contents being emptied. Please note the cell is still alive and remains unharmed.  

The cold laser technology behind the Zerona procedure was shown to exclusively release the cellular contents of fat cells while leaving the capillaries and other cells within the interstitial space intact. The release of the fat cells contents is the result of the disruption of the cell's membrane. This membrane disruption, called a transitory (temporary) pore, is the result of low-level laser stimulation.
Prior to laser exposure, fat cells have a regular, cluster shape, as seen in Figure 4. Within minutes of low level laser exposure, fat cells begin to develop temporary pores as indicated by arrows in Figures 6-9. This pore allows emptying of the cell's contents into extracellular space (Figure 7). Once the contents of the fat cell have been emptied (figure 10), they are released into the interstitial space where it can be passed through the body during the normal course of detoxification.
Through a double blind, randomized, multi-site and placebo-controlled study, the Zerona procedure is proved to be an effective non-invasive cold laser weight loss and body contouring procedure. On average, patients lost 3.51 inches from the circumference of their waist, hips ,and thighs, whereas the placebo group only lost and average of half an inch. (LINK) The Zerona cold lasers provide patients with a safer alternative to surgical procedures, which can result in bruising, swelling, and damage to other tissues. With Zerona there is no pain and no need for anesthesia. Unlike other non-invasive approaches, Zerona low-level lasers do not rely on heating tissue, which can be painful and damaging. There is no downtime, so patients can resume their normal activities immediately.
First used to facilitate liposuction procedures, early lasers made by Zerona manufacturer Erchonia were noted to improve liposuction through a preoperative treatment.
The original goal had been to shorten recovery time and reduce pain; surprisingly though, surgeons noticed the fat being removed by the vacuum catheter was liquefied rather than the usual 'chunky' consistency. As Erchonia investigated, they discovered that indeed the laser was liquefying the fat, and ultimately they found that even without the surgical procedure, the fat would be removed by the body via the lymphatic system, liver and intestines...and the Zerona was born.
The Zerona laser is the only laser fully approved as effective by the FDA for fat removal body contouring. The only FDA approved non-surgical, non-invasive alternative to liposuction surgery.

The "Will it Work for Me Guarantee"
The Zerona, as with any procedure of this nature, Does Not Work For Everyone. Our experience has taught us which factors will limit your results. In some cases extra steps are taken to ensure good results, in other cases we will tell you upfront that you are not a good candidate.
Your success is our success: if Zerona will not work for you we will tell you. We typically turn away 1 person in 10 because they either have health issues that will interfere with success, will not be able or willing to comply with the Zerona Protocol, or because they simply did not lose the .5 an inch on day one. Wouldn't you rather be treated honestly and save yourself the time and disappointment?
Our Metabolic Assessment will point out if you are a good candidate or not. The Metabolic Assessment will also reveal key factors in your health to be addressed during your course of care.
* Thyroid patients are very resitive to Zerona, we do accept Thyroid patients into care once they have completed a thyroid examination. Due to the nature of thyroid disease and thyroid medication, thyroid patient protocols will be modified on a case by case basis.
I have tried the Zerona and it did not work for me...
The Zerona Laser has developed a love/hate relationship with the public. In our clinic we understand that every patient wants results, that is why our exclusive Zerona protocol has delivered over 15,000 treatments, as of 6/2014. Our exclusive Zerona protocol was written keeping in mind that the Zerona laser is the constant and the Zerona patient is the variable, we make the patient a constant and we see results! If you have tried the Zerona before and not had results it comes down to several reasons. Two of the biggest reasons we see are: the Zerona treatment was NOT performed under a Dr.s direct supervision and/or there was NOT a metabolic assessment performed. If you have tried the Zerona before and if it has or has not worked for you, we would like to  invite you in for a free consultation to see what went wrong.  
We welcome anyone who has not had success with Zerona to schedule an appointment for one treatment series. We will show you results. Bring us your receipt and your official first and final measurements from your last clinic you had the Zerona performed in and we will give you a complementary Zerona Session. Yes, that's right. We are that confident we are able to help you...
The Treatment Experience
The treatment takes place in a private room with a soothing atmosphere. The treatment time is around 75 minutes and is required three times a week. If a patient breaks the cycle for longer than 72 hours results will be compromised, So it is best to plan your schedule ahead of time to accomodate the Zerona treatment cycle.
The patient will need to change into proper attire: either a hospital gown or the patient can choose to wear bathing suit, workout attire, or undergarments. (Keep in mind, the more direct skin contact the laser has, the more effective the results). We have both male and female staff, choose which makes you more comfortable.
Prior to the 1st treatment target areas are measured, then each laser session begins with a Lymphatic Drainage Treatment, aka Neuormuscular re-education/Vibration Therapy.
Next begins the Zerona laser session. While lying down comfortably, the five Zerona laser heads are focused over the skin of the desired area(s) to be treated. There are some options to patients; however for body contouring the patient will be treated for twenty to forty on the front of the target area. Other treatments such as chin contouring or eye bags, arms and bust have shorter treatment times. Then the patient will turn over and the back will be treated for twenty minutes. (A staff member will restart the laser treatment once the patient has turned over, patients are prohibited from operating/touching the laser).
Treatments begin around the midsection and upper thighs.
* Arms are a very difficult treatment area and are not typically treated as the tissues involved contain more than fat cells, an exam and consult for the arms is required.
Each visit lasts around 75 minutes. A total of 6,9, or12 sessions completes the program. 6 treatments will indicate how responsive a patient is to the Zerona protocol, 9-12 treatments will yield optimal results.

A final visit is necessary 1 week after the final Zerona treatment for evaluation, final measurements, and release.

We have multiple programs of care: 6,9 or 12 sessions. All the research and measurement averages are based on 9 sessions. The additional laser sessions will of course improve results, and again without risk or side effects.

Yes. ZERONA™ works by utilizing the Erchonia® Laser Scanner (FDA market cleared for laser assisted liposuction) to emulsify adipose tissue which then releases into the interstitial space.

No. Erchonia manufacturers the Zerona and does not share patent permission with any other laser manufacturers. IF you have been told a knockoff was FDA approved, ask to see a copy of the official FDA approval letter.

There are high-power lasers, and then there is the patented process of the Erchonia low-level laser. High-power lasers (which most of you are very familiar with) generate enough heat or thermal output to destroy tissue. On the other, hand low-level laser (cold) output has no thermal effect on the body's tissue.
The cold laser effect serves to Stimulate Biological Function, especially in the Kreb's Cycle in the mitochondria of the cell. There are over 2500 hundred published studies in medical journals (aka PubMed) that demonstrate the abilities of cold laser to treat many conditions such as acute and chronic pain, scar treatment, burn/skin treatment, acne treatment and pre- and post-operative treatment, without any negative side-effects.
Erchonia is a pioneer in the field and does not share its patents with other laser manufacturers. The only way to treat with the technology that earned FDA approval based on scientific review and reproducible results is to use the Erchonia Zerona laser. And the Zerona is the Origianal. All others are merely copies, the wave length is essetntially the same between Zerona, I-Lipo, Yolo, Yaz etc...The Zerona is the only Lipo Laser that "sweeps and contours" to the body, the others simply do not. Lastly, the Zerona is the Laser with the most certified research.

NO - The Zerona™ is a low-level "cold" laser that emits a painless beam of light which targets the fat cells beneath the skin. No tissue damage means no painful recovery.

These are essential if you want to achieve the best results.
Consumption of Alcohol at any time during the treatment cycle will completely negate the process and is an automatic dismissal from care. Alcohol kills the liver enzymes that process and break down fat. The Zerona treatment will require the lymphatic system to process 2-3 times more fat and waste than it normally would, it is imperative to assist the lymphatic system in it's efforts to remove unwanted fat from your body.
The Zerona™ laser reduces contours due to excess fat, NOT cellulite. However, The VERJU laser is the compliment to the ZERONA and has been FDA approved for the reduction of cellulite. Erchonia is the laser manufacturer to have the new technology to reduce cellulite, used in conjunction patients see the reduction in cellulite and diameter. 
Fat removed by the Zerona™ is metabolized and removed by the body in the bowel movements. Fat that has left the body cannot fat deposit elsewhere; because it is gone!
The fat has left the body, the only way for it to return is through your mouth. As with liposuction, gaining weight by poor diet and exercise habits may replace the fat removed by the Zerona™ laser. Just as if you were to stop eating properly or you are not exercising pr reducing your calorie intake. If you take in more calories than you use, fat will accumulate.
Result begin immediately, which is why we measure immediately after the Qualifying Consult to determine if you results will be good. As with any procedure individual results will vary greatly. Perspective patients should keep in mind that results may vary dependent on patients personal lifestyle choices. Metaboic rate, age, current level of health, etc all play a role. Managing personal expectations, in this procedure or any procedure of this nature, is also paramount.
Unlike Liposuction Surgery, Zeltiq, MesotherapyTM, LipodisolveTM, and other invasive procedures, with Zerona nothing ever touches the skin. Zerona is completely non-invasive.
Since no damage is done to the tissues under the skin, there is no risk for unsightly bumps or uneven contours as result of destruction and removal of the fat cells.
And of course since there are no recorded side effects with Low-Level Laser Therapy, this non-invasive procedure is safer.

 Color of skin does not alter the Zerona's effectiveness. Since January of 2002, I have personally worked with all types and colors with the 635nm LLLT with successful results.

About half the cost or less of traditional liposuction surgery.

 There are no contraindications with this device that would pose a serious health risk. We do restrict those with pacemakers, active cancer, certain inflammatory, lymphatic, liver, and/or kidney disorders, cardiovascular disease, or are pregnant. All of this can be answered in a brief initial consultation which is always at no charge.


SIDE BENEFIT - The laser also acts on collagen, improving the health and elasticity of this tissue. (references: Lasers Med Sci. 2011 July 15, J Photochem Photobiol B. 2011 Oct 5; 105 (1): 51-59. Epub 2011 Jul 6., Lasers Surg Med. 2010 Aug; 42 (6): 546-52., Photomed Laser Surg. 2009 Apr;27(2):303-7.,)

SIDE BENEFIT - Reducing abdominal fat reduces risk of death from cancer and cardiovascular disease (reference: Pischon T, Boeing H, Hoffman K, et al. General and Abdominal Adiposity and Risk of Death in Europe. New England Journal of Medicine 2008;359:2105-2120.)

SIDE BENEFIT - Reducing your BMI (body mass index) decreases your risk of diabetes, heart disease and arthritis and will earn you discounted insurance rates (

SIDE BENEFIT - Detoxification: removal of excess fat also assists in removal of toxins stored in the fat.

SIDE BENEFIT - Scientific study demonstrated that treatment with the Zerona laser reduces Leptin (the hormone triggering appetite and effecting energy expenditure) (LINK)
SIDE BENEFIT - Scientific study finds that treatment with the Zerona laser leads to a reduction in blood levels of LDL cholesterol (Bad Cholesterol) (LINK)
CONTRAIDICATIONS - Patients with the following conditions should not be treated: Pregnant or Breast-feeding, Cardiovascular disease, Liver disease, Kidney disease, Disease of the lymphatic system, Cancer(active or within 1 yr. of remission).
Compliance with the entire protocol is required to achieve successful results. Do not simply plan on the Zerona Laser doing all the work. Deviance from the protocol will result in diminished results.

All visits require a 24 hr cancellation notice. Failure to comply will result in forfeiture of that scheduled appointment.